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Achieving Quality Within Funding Constraints: The Potential Contribution of Institutional Research

Published in Volume 4, No. 1, 01 May 1995

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Bruce Zimmer


Escalating demands on limited public funds have made governments increasingly concerned with greater effectiveness and efficiency in the allocation and use of resources, and with maximising the achievement of desired outcomes. This has engendered an increasing emphasis on quality management as a vehicle for implementing public accountability. In the tertiary education sector, the achievement of quality within funding constraints is now an imperative for all institutions.

This paper reviews strategies for improving the quality of institutional performance in the face of funding constraints. It outlines how institutional research can improve the effectiveness of particular strategies through its core processes of data collection, analysis and interpretation which serve to inform planning, management and decision-making It refers particularly to the role of institutional research in assisting Australian universities to document their achievement of quality for the system-wide quality review conducted by the Committee for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

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