2014 AAIR Forum Feedback Survey Results

30 March 2015

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The results of the feedback survey completed by 50 respondents are summarised below.

  • Main reason for attending the 2014 AAIR forum in Melbourne – overall networking opportunities seemed most valuable closely followed by oral and discussion session topics. SIGS were also popular with operational/analyst roles.
  • The ‘identification of people doing similar work/research’ was considered the most substantial experience provided by the forum. Value of the forum for those with operational/Analyst role working for less than 5 years –
    – ‘Confirmation of your own practice’;
    – ‘identification of people doing similar work/research’; and
    – ‘increased enthusiasm and motivation to undertake institutional research and/or evaluations’

2014 AAIR Forum Survey Results bar chart

  • Respondents considered that:
    – Preferred session timing is 40 minutes
    – Keynote timing of 45 minutes, including 15 minutes of Q&A time, was working well.
  • SIGs generally found useful. Could be improved by more time for sharing of ideas and practices.
  • Overall satisfaction with the Forum – Keynote by Professor Jane den Hollander, networking opportunities and panel session.
  • Overall value of forum – almost 50% of respondents thought it was ‘extremely valuable’, highest amongst those who attended National Surveys SIG.
  • Extremely valued by Operational/Analyst role with less than 5 years’ experienceSessions particularly impressed with and why:
    – All I attended
    – I really appreciate sessions like David Carroll’s that have clear background, results and discussion and give ideas on how you apply a similar technique to the same dataset or other data
    – David (who won the best presentation/paper) was particularly impressive. He was very deserving of the award
    – Keynote by Jane den Hollander – good broad working knowledge of the sector – engagement with the audience and excellent question session
    – Thoroughly impressed with Jane Den Hollander's presentation, it was real and it was relevant
    – I particularly enjoyed Jane den Hollander's keynote
    – Machine Based Learning – engaging speaker and interesting topic
    – My favourites were the session on using machine learning to estimate enrolments from applications, and the one on predicting student response to an external survey using internal survey results. They were both great because they were both related to my role but also about things I haven't tried yet. So relevant and stimulating!
    – 2 Vice-chancellors on the (panel). The story telling approach taken by the presenter was very engaging.
    – The panel discussion on the closing day was excellent; probably my favourite session of the forum. The speakers were interesting and brought varied perspectives to the discussion
    – The panel session was very good due to both the panellists and the topic

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