Newsletter - June 2015

23 June 2015

The June 2015 AAIR Newsletter is now available.

What's in this Issue:

  • From the President's Desk
  • 2015 AAIR Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Load Management Special Interest Group
    Registration and Accommodation
  • 2015 AAIR Forum
     Program and Abstracts
     Keynote Speakers
  • Higher Education@home
    – Higher Education Reform
    – Policy Watch
    – Regulation
    – Graduate Outcomes
    – Online Learning
    – Student Recruitment
    – Technology
    – International Students in Australia
    – Rankings and Ratings
    – Higher Education Funding

    – Sector News and Views
    – Who's on the Move (or not)?
    – Tips and Tricks
    – Frivolous Favourites
  • Positions Vacant
  • Looking for some training and development?
  • Higher education conferences and events
  • What's Happening at AAIR?
  • Enjoy Reading?
  • Higher Education Abroad
    – Global News
    – Competency Based Education
    – Online Learning
    – Technology
    – Rankings, Ratings and Benchmarking
    – Student Recruitment and Mobility
  • Submit an item to AAIR Newsletter Issue 6

Remember that we still have the most extensive list of Industry Events, with many new events posted in the past week.

There are also items of interest on the Training and Development page, and a couple of interesting opportunities, but sadly no new job vacancies. If you have a vacancy, please email it to the AAIR Secretariat.

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