AAIR SIG Forum 2015

Hosted by University of Southern Queensland

1921 August 2015

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The 2015 AAIR Special Interest Groups (SIG) for Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Load Management was hosted by the University of Southern Queensland and held at the Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island.

Official SIG Forum 2015 website: www.usq.edu.au/aair-sig

Papers and Presentations

Author(s) Title Paper  Pres.

Adoniou, Misty; Cunneen, Rachel; Langat, Kiprono; Naidoo, Loshini & Wilkinson, Jane Pathways to success – supporting refugee background students into Higher Education

Alderman, Lyn Reframe QUT’s Evaluation framework: A case study of planning, policy and positioning leading to educational best practice
Atkin, Garrick & von Treuer, K Talent Management: How will universities attract, retain and develop academics in a changed employment environment?  
Blackbourn, Lynne & Newbigin, Carolyn A new model of strategic planning, performance measurement, monitoring and improvement: The UTS approach
Booth, Sara Cross sector benchmarking of internationalisation for quality improvement purposes

Carroll, David Postgraduate research experience: What do graduates find important?
Duncan, Alistair The uses of international rankings: measurement, transparency, and institutional change
Ferry-Parker, Charlotte Moving to online evaluations: One university’s experience
Guthrie, Bruce; Matthews, Darren; Carroll, David & Lindsay, Edwina GCA Research Update: the AGS, the UES and the Sunset Clause

Jaffar, Samer Blue Text Analytics: Unlocking Hidden Themes from you open-ended student feedback

Kinash, Shelley The Student Experience of providing feedback: Do universities listen and act?
Lindsay, Edwina An analysis of the gender wage gap in the Australian graduate labour market, 2013

Liu, Bo & Rowley, Sara Course and teaching evaluations: predictors of performance in national student satisfaction surveys?
Mahat, Marian Enacting strategies for graduate employability: using surveys to inform learning and teaching

Mahat, Marian Vice-Chancellors on the cat walk: Modelling excellence and diversity in Australian higher education
Mayo, Glenice & Terry, Stuart How do you know? Developing internal capacity to self-assess, review and evaluate effectiveness  
Nedeski, Amanda Enhancing a Business Intelligence program through innovative stakeholder engagement  
Nicoll, Camilla The preliminary findings of an evaluation of high school based interventions designed to increase student aspiration to attend university  
Nurbasari, Leone Internal course and teacher surveys: A guide for future survey promotion  
Price, Richard A Machine Learning Based Approach for Predicting Future Enrolments from Applications Data  
Richardson, Alan Educating for Workplace Competence: Measuring the Workplace Relevance of University Study  
Rowley, Sara Does how we measure matter? The University Experience Survey  
Sarly, Pamela & Ramadas, Anup ACU Enrolment Plan Reporting Solution: The Joy of Automation    
Smith, Nigel How do you experience us? One institution’s efforts to improve distance learning through a student survey  
Terry, Stuart Ready to Work or Work Ready! Employers’ perceptions of graduates from a New Zealand Institute of Technology and Polytechnic  
Vigentini, Lorenzo & Zhao, Catherine Revisiting end-of-semester evaluation: the questions, the instrument and the process    
Vigentini, Lorenzo & Zhao, Catherine Sifting Wisdom from Students’ Feedback: what do we know about student experience?    
Ward, John Modelling Perceptions of Skills Development and Learner Engagement in Higher Education – a Path Analysis    
Whiteley, Sonia Total Survey Error & Institutional Research: A case study of the University Experience Survey  
Woerner, Jacqueline The Development and pilot of the: Student Aspiration and Retention Survey – high school version (SARS-hs), and the student Aspiration and Retention Survey – university version (SARS-uni)  


















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