Forum 2003

Public Good and Market Commodity: Underpinning the Academic Enterprise

28 September – 1 October 2003

Hilton Hotel, Adelaide

The 2003 AAIR Forum was held in conjunction with the Association of Tertiary Education Managers (ATEM) and the Tertiary Education Facility Management association (TEFMA) as the Tertiary Education Management Conference.

Papers are only available from ATEM's Archived Papers website through the National Library of Australia.

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Conference Theme

The theme for the conference is “Public Good and Market Commodity – Underpinning the Academic Enterprise.” The conference will explore the impact of an increasingly competitive and commercial environment on a publicly-funded higher education sector with a strong tradition of community service. The dilemmas and difficulties this creates for university managers and administrators will be explored in a broad range of sub themes which will accommodate the exploration of all aspects of operating institutions in the higher sector.

The sub-themes that will be pursued include:

  • Industry and Business [Community] links
  • Maintaining Excellence
  • Internationalisation
  • Leadership in the context of University Cultures
  • University of the Future [physical and learning environment]

The streams under these sub-themes may include;

  • Student and academic administration
  • Planning and research
  • Facilities management
  • Resources management [Finance/HR]
  • Leadership and management
  • Faculty management
  • International/Public Relations/Marketing
  • Commercialisation/industry partnerships
  • Quality assurance
  • Technology

We gratefully acknowledge our host institutions.

Contributed papers

  • Heywood, Tony, and Nolan, Veronica
    Academic Dream, Admin nightmare challenge
  • Marr, David
    Academic Workload Indicators
  • Weir, Annie
    Accountability to Stakeholders
  • Fulljames, Terry, and Wheller, Sharon
    Collaborative yet competitive: Strange bedfellows
  • Myers, Jennifer
    Experiences of new undergraduate students & planned attrition
  • Waddington, Mary Jane
    Increasing International Student Numbers
  • Cameron, Barry
    Never enough of a good thing?: Unmet demand for tertiary education and training
  • Thasnapark, Uachit, and Launglaor, Wisanu
    Staff Satisfaction in a Thai University
  • Whiteley, and Skuja
    Using institutional research to influence university policy making

Following is a list of conference papers presented at the Forum:

Academic Dream, Admin nightmare challenge.Heywood & Nolan TEM 2003 paper.doc
Academic Workload Indicators, Marr.doc
Accountability to Stakeholders, Weir.doc
Balancing commercial interests with student rights and responsibilities. Alison Pollard
Changing Change Management: Creating a positive experience for staff. Erin Grey
Collabrative ventures in tertiary edu in rural WA, Dunn.doc
Coping with Growth in International Student Numbers, hofman.doc
Creating Sustainable Partnerships, Thiele & Peucker.doc
erp_live_thrive, Jones.doc
Experiences of new undergraduate students & planned attrition, Myers.doc
Garbage In, Garbage Out, Riedl & Lawrence.doc
I'll tell you what I want...Heinemann.doc
Impact of activity based costing in managing finance performance of a uni dep.WHELAN.pdf
Implementing policy to improve the quality of the student experience: top down, bottom up, whatever it takes.Craig McInnis
Increasing International Student Numbers, Waddington.doc
The INTERACTIVE E-Learning environment – retain a personal touch with interactive tutorials. Darren Thomas
The Invisible Workers, Szekeres.doc
Managing Change assoc with implementing Admin Info Systems in Uni, Van Dyke.doc
Managing Evolution of a new faculty in 21stCentury, Shepherd, Parr & Condon.doc
Managing over multiple locations & delivery models, Lieschke and Tickle.rtf
Never enough of a good thing?: Unmet demand for tertiary education and training -Barry Cameron
Not every change is continuous improvement, McFadzen.doc
Offshore Administration, McEwin and Szekeres.DOC
Overview of Tertiary Sector in Sth Africa, de Plessis.doc
Post quality - maintaining excellence, student organisations and the university, a student perspective - Scott McFarlane
The Professional and Personal Development Benefits for General Staff Women emanating from the Spokeswomen’s Program at the University of New England - Bedford, P. & Day, K
Quality in OS partnerships, Fallshaw & Sheehan.doc
Reducing and Recycling, Hutchinson.doc
Restructure of Uni of Western Sydney Print, Doran.doc
Staff Satisfaction in Thai University, Thasnapark & Launglaor.doc
Steel or Bamboo, Kiem.doc
Theological Education - Comparative Study Of QMS, Knox.DOC
The University of the Future: global challenges and local solutions - Andy Johnston
Using institutional research to influence university policy making , whiteley_skuja_.doc
Valuing students as customers, downes and janes.doc
When the horizontal meets the vertical: the administrative complexities of a cross-Faculty initiative: Leonie Hardcastle and Margaret Robinson
Working to Learn, Edwards.doc 

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