Forum 2012

23rd Annual AAIR Forum: 'Institutional Research'

Crowne Plaza, Terrigal, NSW
1214 November

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The 2012 Annual Forum was held at the Crowne Plaza, Terrigal on the New South Wales Central Coast from Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th November, 2012.

The 2012 Forum focussed on the business of AAIR, Institutional Research. Whether you work in data warehousing, surveys, forecasting, planning or any of the many roles undertaken by our members, we hope the 2012 AAIR Forum provided you the scope to lead the discussion from your own perspective. Leading practitioners in the IR fields discussed and helped develop ideas, confirming the Forum as the place that puts institutional research front and centre. The Program is also available.

Papers and Presentations

Author(s) Title Pres. PDF
Acharya, Chandrama Understanding student experience: visualising qualitative data  
Audley, Dick Analysis of first year subjects to determine fitness for purpose
Blackmore, Karen Fuzzy data mining approaches to predicting student success and retention  
Booth, Sara Utilising benchmarking to inform institutional decision making at the institutional level: a research informed process
Carroll, David Panel data investigation into relationship between graduate job search & employment outcomes (Awarded 'Best Paper')
De Bellis, David Understanding, analysing, and summarising Likert response structures  
Delaney, Julie; Tangtulyangkul, Ploy & McCormack, Robert Assigning a socio-economic status value to student records – a useful tool for planning, reporting and institutional research  
Dunk, Stephanie Institutional research, scholarly articles and individual knowledge: a balancing act  
Dutschke, Cindy & Aboubaker, Ahmed Perception is reality  
Grebennikov, Dr Leonid & Shah, Mahsood Monitoring & improving university experience of commencing student cohorts  
Hanlon, Martin Exploring the applicability of maturity models to assess maturity of IR practice  
Johnston, Philippa
A vision for integrated planning, budgeting and reporting  
Kitt, Sharon & Wearne, Jonathan Little fish in a big pond: towards research performance metrics for smaller institutions
Laverde, Juan & Lau, Gary Using Palo to Tame the Excel chaos – a collaborative approach to student load planning  
Marr, David & Nicoll, Camilla Attrition: is it really a problem? The word out there on the streets assigning  
Marr, David; Johnston, Don & Nicoll, Camilla Tracking Student Success: a comparative case study
Miller, Jo & Liddell, Sharon When the stars align: enhancing AGS outcomes at CQUniversity  
Newbigin, Carolyn & Kandlbinder, Peter
Mythbusters: Exploring teaching staff beliefs about student feedback in evaluation surveys  
Newbigin, Carolyn
New approaches to course and subject improvement through qualitative analysis of student comments  
Robinson, Ian
An evaluation of undergraduate course (unit) enrolment projections  
Ross, Lyndal
Feeding hunger for meaningful data in the new regulatory framework: dashboard solutions  
Saunders, Cassandra & Booth, Sara
Developing an Academic Standards Framework & online evaluation & reporting tool
Young, Anne Disruptive innovation in higher education – what is it and how does it impact on our planning?  


AAIR made a donation to Youth Connections. Certificate of Appreciation below.

Extoling the virtues of the Crowne Plaza. Enjoy!

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