Forum 2014



AAIR will be hosting its 25th AAIR Forum and this year will be incorporating the Australasian Higher Education Evaluation Forum (AHEEF).

The theme for this year's Forum is: 'Turning Silver Into Gold'.

Pre-forum workshops will be held on Tuesday 18 November 2014.

Visit an archived version of the 2014 AAIR Forum Website.

Venue: Intercontinental Melbourne


Papers and Presentations

Author(s) TitleN/A Paper  Pres.

Adoniou, Misty; Cunneen, Rachel; Langat, Kiprono; Naidoo, Loshini & Wilkinson, Jane Pathways to success – supporting refugee background students into Higher Education

Alderman, Lyn Reframe QUT’s Evaluation framework: A case study of planning, policy and positioning leading to educational best practice
Atkin, Garrick & von Treuer, K Talent Management: How will universities attract, retain and develop academics in a changed employment environment?  
Blackbourn, Lynne & Newbigin, Carolyn A new model of strategic planning, performance measurement, monitoring and improvement: The UTS approach
Booth, Sara Cross sector benchmarking of internationalisation for quality improvement purposes

Carroll, David Postgraduate research experience: What do graduates find important?
Duncan, Alistair The uses of international rankings: measurement, transparency, and institutional change
Ferry-Parker, Charlotte Moving to online evaluations: One university’s experience
Guthrie, Bruce; Matthews, Darren; Carroll, David & Lindsay, Edwina GCA Research Update: the AGS, the UES and the Sunset Clause

Jaffar, Samer Blue Text Analytics: Unlocking Hidden Themes from you open-ended student feedback

Kinash, Shelley The Student Experience of providing feedback: Do universities listen and act?
Lindsay, Edwina An analysis of the gender wage gap in the Australian graduate labour market, 2013

Liu, Bo & Rowley, Sara Course and teaching evaluations: predictors of performance in national student satisfaction surveys?

Mahat, Marian Enacting strategies for graduate employability: using surveys to inform learning and teaching

Mahat, Marian Vice-Chancellors on the cat walk: Modelling excellence and diversity in Australian higher education
Mayo, Glenice & Terry, Stuart How do you know? Developing internal capacity to self-assess, review and evaluate effectiveness  
Nedeski, Amanda Enhancing a Business Intelligence program through innovative stakeholder engagement  
Nicoll, Camilla The preliminary findings of an evaluation of high school based interventions designed to increase student aspiration to attend university   N/A
Nurbasari, Leone Internal course and teacher surveys: A guide for future survey promotion  
Price, Richard A Machine Learning Based Approach for Predicting Future Enrolments from Applications Data  
Richardson, Alan Educating for Workplace Competence: Measuring the Workplace Relevance of University Study  
Rowley, Sara Does how we measure matter? The University Experience Survey  
Sarly, Pamela & Ramadas, Anup ACU Enrolment Plan Reporting Solution: The Joy of Automation  
Smith, Nigel How do you experience us? One institution’s efforts to improve distance learning through a student survey  
Terry, Stuart Ready to Work or Work Ready! Employers’ perceptions of graduates from a New Zealand Institute of Technology and Polytechnic  
Vigentini, Lorenzo & Zhao, Catherine Revisiting end-of-semester evaluation: the questions, the instrument and the process   N/A
Vigentini, Lorenzo & Zhao, Catherine Sifting Wisdom from Students’ Feedback: what do we know about student experience?   N/A
Ward, John Modelling Perceptions of Skills Development and Learner Engagement in Higher Education – a Path Analysis   N/A
Whiteley, Sonia Total Survey Error & Institutional Research: A case study of the University Experience Survey  
Woerner, Jacqueline The Development and pilot of the: Student Aspiration and Retention Survey – high school version (SARS-hs), and the student Aspiration and Retention Survey – university version (SARS-uni)  


















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