The Australasian Association for Institutional Research (AAIR), established late in 1988, is a professional body comprising some 150 members. AAIR is incorporated within Australia as a non-profit organisation. It is affiliated with the Association for Institutional Research (AIR), which originated in the United States of America some thirty years ago, and which now commands a membership in excess of 2000. The membership of AAIR is drawn mainly from Australia and New Zealand, with further members from Southeast Asia, the South Pacific region, Europe and America. Members contribute to planning, decision making, policy formulation and analysis concerned with the management of tertiary education. The broad aim of AAIR is to benefit, assist and advance research which leads to the improved understanding, planning and operation of tertiary education institutions within Australasia. AAIR has the following principal objectives:

  • to raise the level of professional competence and practice—in both qualitative and quantitative analysis—within the fields of tertiary education institutional research, planning and analysis in the Australasian region
  • to enhance inter-institutional cooperation in the undertaking of comparative institutional research projects
  • to assist the professional development of members by:
    • organising an annual conference (the AAIR forum)
    • developing and fostering cooperative links with the AIR and European AIR
    • encouraging regional meetings of members to augment the annual Forum

AAIR pursues its objectives through the following range of activities:

  • it informs its members on a diverse range of topics through a monthly electronic newsletter
  • it holds seminars on current issues, and conducts workshops on techniques of institutional research and analysis, to update the knowledge and skills of members and other professionals
  • it organises an annual international conference (the AAIR Forum) to bring together experts and professionals to promote the exchange of ideas and developments in the field of institutional research
  • it publishes a professional journal, the (Journal of Institutional Research), to provide a forum for discussion and for the dissemination of ideas and research findings
  • it has defined a statement of values setting out expectations for the professional conduct of institutional researchers

To encourage professional participation by new institutional researchers, AAIR has established ‘New Presenters Awards’ to support attendance at the AAIR Forum. (Click here) for details.

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