Organisational Structure

The business and affairs of AAIR shall be managed by the Executive Committee constituted as provided in Rule 23. The Officers shall be:

  • a President;
  • a Vice-President;
  • the Immediate Past-President (if not elected to another office);
  • an Honorary Treasurer; and
  • an Honorary Secretary.

A number of other sub-committees have been established to assist the Executive Committee in its work. Membership of these sub-committees can be found on the Executive Committee page.

AAIR is incorporated in the State of Victoria.

The AIR Contact is the liaison between AAIR and its US affiliate.

All positions are honorary except for the AAIR Administrator who is supernumerary.

The Executive Committee and the Financial Members would normally only meet together once per year at the Annual General Meeting held in conjunction with the Annual Forum. The Executive Committee further meets bimonthly via teleconference.

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