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Retired but still want to keep your finger on the pulse?

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AAIR Retired Member word cloudDuring the Annual Forum in Terrigal in 2012, the AAIR membership voted on changes to the Rules. Some of these changes included the addition of a new category of membership to AAIR, that of 'Member who is Retired'.

To be eligible to become a 'Member who is Retired', you must have held an AAIR membership for more than 10 years or equivalent, and you must be permanently retired from the workforce. Your application to become a 'Member who is Retired' must be submitted using the approved form, and must be approved by the Committee on application.

A 'Member who is Retired' shall:

  • be exempt from membership fees and levies
  • not be entitled to hold office or have voting rights
  • be entitled to the social privileges of the AAIR as determined by or on the invitation of the Committee or President and Secretary in conjunction, from time to time
  • be eligible for discounts to AAIR events, where such discounts are available to Retired Members.

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If you would like to keep your finger on the pulse and stay connected with AAIR, we'd love to remain friends with you! We have developed a special application form for retired members. Just click on the Become A Member! button and enjoy your continuing relationship with AAIR.

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