Newsletter - August 2015

24 August 2015


The August 2015 AAIR Newsletter is now available.

What's in this Issue:

  • From the President's Desk
  • Registrations for the 26th Annual AAIR Forum: The Winds of Change
     Program and Abstracts
     This year's theme: The Winds of Change
     Keynote Speakers
  • Higher Education@home
    – Higher Education Reform
    – Higher Education Funding
    – Policy Watch
    – Graduate Outcomes
    – Credentialing
    – Student Recruitment
    – Research
    – International Students in Australia
    – Sector News and Views
    – Rankings, Ratings and Benchmarking
    – Who's on the Move (or not)?
    – Tips and Tricks
    – Frivilous Favourites
    – Enjoy Reading?
  • Positions Vacant
  • Looking for some training and development?
  • Higher education conferences and events
  • AAIR Affiliates
  • Higher Education Abroad
    – Global News & Views
    – Online Learning
    – Tuition Fees
    – Credentialing
    – Competency Based Education
    – Technology
    – Rankings, Ratings and Benchmarking
    – Student Recruitment and Mobility
  • Submit an item to AAIR Newsletter Issue 8

Remember that we still have the most extensive list of Industry Events online.

There are also items of interest on the Training and Development page, and a couple of open vacancies in higher education jobs. If you have a vacancy, please email it to the AAIR Secretariat. Listing is currently FREE.

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