AAIR SIG Forum 2013

The 2013 AAIR SIG Forum was hosted by the University of Western Sydney (UWS).

The Forum was held from 21 to 23 August 2013 at the Fairmont ResortLeura in the picturesque Blue Mountains, near Sydney.


Author(s) Title Pres.

Arthur, Julie
Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) cases  External data to inform internal quality assurance N/A
Bainbridge, Sharon
Crossing the mountain to establish a BICC
Blanch, Tony The collaborative approach to business intelligence
Dadley, Darren Exploring the cavern of data governance with Jungunjinuke
Dadley, Darren & Lui, Paul Join Mitamirri as he takes The University of Sydney on a journey of discovery exploring its enormous wealth of data
Gozzard, Terry & Grebennikov, Leo
Hearing the student voice: using text analytics to measure qualitative feedback
Guthrie, Bruce GCA research update: the AGS, the UES and the 'new paradigm'
Hardie, Karen Empower smarter decision-making in universities with predictive analytics: using data to better predict student performance and retention
Hitchman, Steve
Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) – The new productivity key for business decision empowerment and business intelligence success N/A
Langham, Jillian
UniSA: from spreadsheets & Cognos Enterprise Planning to TM1 (Awarded 'Best Paper')
Leece, Rhonda & Wu, Elizabeth
Managing student wellness and retention at UNE  An ongoing journey
Liberale, Andrew
The 7 habits of highly effective systems: near-real time integrated data & analytics delivered on any device, accessible at any time. Are you there yet?
Matulick, Andrea & Cornelsen, Talitha
Load modelling and master data – Taming by data whisperers
Mockler, Daniel Engaging visualisations and "Mobile NOW" (?)
Napier, Craig Navigating terrain and discovering insights into UOWs sphere of influence (Awarded 'Best Paper')
Osianlis, Tas Harnessing social media and un-structured content for decision making: identifying a theoretical basis for data analysis and inferential strength N/A
Rowett, Luke
Agile in practise: Flinders business analytics, trailblazing and crossing peeks
Sinha, Ashwin Context is everything  How to govern planning, budgeting and data warehouse information via a business glossary
Sutherland, Fiona & Khanna, Pallavi From foothills to the highest peak: developing load planning at The Australian National University
Taylor, Milly & Heberley, Nathan Conquering Mount Everest: providing a rapid analysis and reporting response

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